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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about A Meeting By Design?

A Meeting By Design is a full service meeting and conference logistics company that provides custom event strategies and tools based upon individual program needs to increase event attendance and decrease cost. Our suite of services is sold ala carte. Utilize only the services you need to achieve your desired goals.

What services does A Meeting By Design offer? 

Online Registration, Lodging and Attrition Management, E-marketing, Site Selection with RFP’s, Reporting Tools, On-Site Details and Management, Marketing and Event Branding, and more!

What is Online Registration?

Online registration is the practice of allowing attendees to register for meetings and events online and securely pay - all in one spot! Our system allows clients to create custom features to select event sessions, hotel rooms, and our travel agency for flights. Online registration can set up secure and automated payments, refunds, and cancellations. (It is our #1 selling tool!)

What is Lodging Management?

The ability to manage live inventory of rooms with the exact rooms contracted with 24/7 reporting tools so the hotel, rooming manager, and client can see real numbers, thereby saving money by balancing inventory with meeting attrition.

What is Attrition Management?

The process of knowing when to drop or add rooms with 24/7 reporting to all parties. Automatic emails are sent to all attendees who have not reserved a room to remind them of important lodging deadlines.

Does A Meeting by Design offer data mining/reporting?

Yes! We provide over 150 standard reports, and the sky is the limit for our custom reporting capabilities. Our integrated registration system allows access to your reports, 24/7 along with our service call center.

What is Event Branding?

Event Branding is the customized look and feel of your organization’s event, convention, meeting, conference or tradeshow. Your meeting or event looks like you!

Can A Meeting By Design create my website and registration to mirror my branding?

Yes! A Meeting By Design’s Online Registration system allows you to create customized pages that are consistent with the look and feel of your company's brand, including your organization’s logo, header, footer and color-scheme. This increases response rates while promoting your organization at the same time by maintaining a seamless flow from your event site to the registration site.

What additional On-Site Details do you offer?

A Meeting By Design facilitates registration packets, welcome letters, activity/meal vouchers, name badges (all branded specifically for your event). We can provide on-site signage, updated daily attendee schedules at-a-glance, ‘Save the Date’ cards to help promote your next event as well as on-site staffing and management.

What is Site Selection?

Site selection is the service of researching and visiting various destinations and properties to help your planner determine what best fits the overall objective of your organization. A Meeting By Design helps narrow down the choices, sends RFP’s, gives executive summary reports, arranges site inspections and negotiates with the site to ensure the best property and services for the best price.

Is A Meeting By Design a Montanan owned company?

Yes, we are proud to be locally owned and operated with offices in Billings and Bozeman. A Meeting By Design is also nationally aligned to offer destination management services as well as event and meeting logistics. We are also a full -service travel agency (Travel Station/Cook’s Travel Station).

Is my event information/data secure?

Our registration software is one of the only industry certified products meeting the standards of Level 1 PCI compliance.

Do I have to utilize all the services, or can I select only the tools I need?

A Meeting By Design specializes in providing all the services ala carte. Utilize the management tool or tools that best fit the need of your planner and event.

How can A Meeting By Design increase my ROI for my Event? 

A Meeting By Design’s support tools are designed specifically to improve your event planning operation by increasing attendance, streamlining labor-intensive processes and decreasing costs with our ala carte suite of planning tools. Our email marketing tool allows us to customize every aspect of the process with personalized and targeted campaigns which bolster event response. We can send automatic invitation reminders to those invitees who have not yet replied to drive a second or third round of responses. We deliver statistics in real time to quantify your return on investment and prove success to your board. We decrease cost by substituting printing and postage fees with electronic messaging. Our clients regularly report immediate results to both their top and bottom lines.

Don't hesitate to call us with further questions.  1-888-995-3088  We love hearing from you!


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